Fact #1: Originally, Rosalina and Peach were going to be related.
Fact #1: Since 1985, Peach appears in more games than any other female character ever.
Fact #3: Final Fantasy VII was originally going to be on the N64.
Fact #2: Mario is 26 years-old.
Fact #1: Mario’s original name was Jumpman.
Fact #2: Translated into English, “Nintendo” means “leave luck to heaven”.
Fact #1: Nintendo started out as a hanafuda company in 1889.
Fact #1: In the Spanish version of TTYD, Goombella calls Vivian a “him” when she writes her letter to Mario.
Fact #2: Luigi scares quite easily; a big contrast from his brave older brother Mario.
Fact #1: Luigi makes reference to attending “parties” and playing golf in his journal in Paper Mario 64; this is a reference to the Mario Golf and Mario Party games.